The Bettinsoli Super Sport was based on the older Silver model and is an excellent example of its work.

Teague Chokes

Production ended only fairly recently. As the name suggests, the Bettinsoli Super Sport is an out-and-out sporting gun, aimed specifically at the clayshooting market. It offers a lot of gun for a modest price. You may come across it wrongly described as the Tarcisio. In fact, the engraved Bettinsoli Tarcisio on the barrels is actually the full name of the company rather than that of the model, which appears nowhere on the gun.

Bettinsoli Tarcisio on the barrels is the full company name, not the model of the gun. At first sight, this shotgun simply looks right. The raised ventilated top and mid-ribs immediately suggest a gun intended for clay shooting, as do the extended chokes, which are easily replaced by hand rather than requiring a special tool.

The woodwork is of medium grade walnut and the action is extensively but tastefully engraved with scrolls and acanthus leaves. A discreet gold woodcock is engraved in gold just forward of the trigger guard, a curious choice of decoration for a clay gun, and maybe the makers realised this as the Super Sport II features a rather more appropriate gold clay pigeon instead.

The barrel selector is typically Italian and can be found on the top strap. Buyers of a Bettinsoli do need to be aware that about 15 years ago the company briefly developed an unfortunate reputation for shotguns that simultaneously discharged both barrels, an issue that was quickly and effectively addressed but which tarnished its image for a short while.

It follows that any gun that was made around that time would benefit from an inspection by a gunsmith before you commit to buy. As my search continues for a sensibly priced over-and-under for me to use at the end of the season, as…. The Super Sport is an attractive and very well put together shotgun that oozes style for its class and has the looks and feel of something far more expensive. It stands out from the crowd, shoots well and remains one of the best value for money models on the market.

An out-and-out sporting gun, aimed specifically at the clay shooting market. Home Reviews Shotguns. Product Overview Bettinsoli Super Sport. Good value As the name suggests, the Bettinsoli Super Sport is an out-and-out sporting gun, aimed specifically at the clayshooting market.

Both this gun and its successor, the Bettinsoli Super Sport II, were immediately recognised as astonishingly good value for money when they first appeared and considered the equals of guns costing double the amount.Posted: Mon Dec 08, pm. I bought it used from a small gunshop in an out of the way place.

The gun was relatively cheap, the guy in the shop was filling in for the owner and didn't know anything about the gun except what was on the price tag. It followed me home.

bettinsoli choke guide

Since then I've not shot the gun much, just had a 'smith check it over and put a couple of rounds thru it to make sure it went BANG when it was supposed to. It looks to me like its had few rounds thru it but it appears to have done a bit of duck hunting and I suspect its had a dunking or two.

I've not been able to find out any info on Bettinsoli shotguns anywhere, just thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had heard of them. Any ideas on this? No current U. Please contact the factory directly for more information. Sounds like a good gun, and I will keep looking but it doesn't sound as though much info is out there. A little more info on the gun. Boxlock without inertia firing mechanism, blued barrels and polished receiver.

It has a pistol grip without a grip cap and black plastic? The timber looks OK, but the stock finish looks a little odd The barrels are fixed choke but I'm not familiar with what I assume to be the nominal choke designations on the barrels.

The internals of the action look to be of reasonable but not outstanding manufacturing quality the odd tool mark etc left over from machining but the triggers are both crisp and consistent with very little creep I'll see if I can get any more info off the gun in terms of markings when I get home.

Beretta Choke Tubes Guide

I'm glad somebody found something about Bettinsoli somewhere 'cos I was beginning to think it was a cheapo gun with a faked Italian name on it to give it some cred. Posted: Tue Dec 09, am. Bettinsoli guns are still being made and sold in Europe.

bettinsoli choke guide

I had one, that was imported by American Arms. Beautiful, nice looking, light 12 ga. The monoblock split on it and I was refunded my money from AA. That was normal pressure reloads that were checked by IMR when I brought them into the situation.

That was not the only gun that cracked the monoblock. Some in the N. I have no idea if the problem was ever fixed on these guns, but I won't ever own another one. In fact, there was a class action lawsuit against Bettinsoli and AA. Posted: Tue Dec 09, pm. Lenard Errr I'm suddenly feeling much less positive about this mysterious Italian. Any details on your defective gun? I'd like to know if what I've got is what you're talking about as having problems.

Posted: Wed Dec 10, am. It has been 6 or 7 years ago now. The bottom chamber part of the monoblock split lengthwise.Some obsess over it, some ignore it. What should you do? Ultimately, confidence and technique is what results in the most shot targets but using the correct choke in the right situation can give you an edge.

At the most basic level, a choke constricts the lead or lead alternative shot as it exits the barrel of the shotgun. This constriction makes the shot pattern tighter than what it would be if there was no choke used at all.

Well yes, and no…. Shotguns come in two formats — fixed choke and multi choke. It goes without saying that a multi choke gun will give you much more flexibility if you practise different types of shooting as you can swap and change the chokes as you wish.

With a fixed choke gun, you need to have physical alterations made to your barrels by a professional gunsmith. The choke tubes may be flush fitting or extended — these will physically look different when in the gun as shown in the illustration below. There are 6 common choke sizes.

Confusingly, the names differ in the UK and US so both are detailed below. All are in order from the least to the most choke so for example, Improved Cylinder in the UK corresponds with Skeet in the US as both are second on the list. Although the same name is used regardless of the bore of the gun, the actual constriction amount does differ.

For example, on a 12 bore shotgun, the constriction to achieve full choke would be 0. The table below shows what the target percentage is across the most common choke sizes. If you can, have a go on a pattern plate to make sure that your chokes and chosen cartridge are performing as expected based on the table above.

Choke markings are used to identify different choke tubes. The marks can be bands of colour, stars or notches. Unfortunately, different manufacturers mark their choke tubes in different ways — Beretta markings will be different to Browning which will be different to Perazzi.

Beretta choke tube markings. Browning choke tube markings. Although we will go into detail for specific quarry and disciplines, the following can be used as a general guide:. Please note, the above and below all relate to lead shot only. There are specific choke requirements for steel shot and it can be dangerous if you get it wrong.

As the bird is travelling away from you, you want your most open choke to be on the barrel that fires first. With the tighter choke on the barrel that fires second, this will give you a bit more distance if a second shot is required. Because the targets are at close range in skeet shooting, a very open choke is normally called for. A typical setup would be improved cylinder or skeet chokes in the US hence the name in both barrels.Often a gunmaker tries to move themselves out of their established market place, sometimes with disastrous results.

However Bettinsoli who have been making good value and quality product for many years, know what they are good at! Taking the Bettinsoli out of its robust ABS case, the first thing I was struck by was the colour case-hardening on the action. It is certainly distinctive and for a gun at this price done to a standard that you might expect.

This style is very much a personal thing, I prefer silver actions, though can appreciate the beauty of a Purdey or Holland decorated thus. What this distinctive look does is to mark it out as being different to other offerings in the crowded budget sector and from a marketing point of view this certainly makes sense. The action is similar to most other Italian guns reviewed in recent months. The barrels have bifurcated lumps which hinge on stud pins, locking courtesy of a full width cross bolt engaging in a bite beneath the under chamber mouth.

The only gripe being that it still had that new gun stiffness that required a good amount of effort to open and close. However the solid top lever is a definite improvement from the cut-out versions found on previous models, certainly feeling more robust and giving a better final finish.

The single trigger is recoil-operated and fitted with a comfortable, gold-plated blade, which contrasts well with the case-hardened finish. The pulls are hardly what you would call delicate; approaching 5 lbs with a slightly draggy feel. However, they are comparable with other guns in this price bracket and for most people would be wholly sufficient. They could be regulated by a gunsmith if you wanted them set more to your personal taste.

The manual safety uses the same square blocked strap as others in the range and certainly feels easy enough to use. Regular game shots might find a safety of this type somewhat strange in use.

Barrels look nicely finished though again I use the caveat for a gun at this price! Having said that; I have seen guns costing far more that struggled to match them.

Thin wall multichokes are fitted thus negating any muzzle flare that can prove distracting to the eye whilst shooting. The 7mm rib certainly looks robust with plenty of resistance to glare thanks to its machined surface. Both mid and upper ribs are vented and at the muzzle is a simple, brass bead, undoubtedly the preferred solution for a field gun.

The ejectors performed more than adequately, the spent cases being thrown well clear by the coil springs. Guns in this sector of the market are built to a price, and for manufacturers such as Bettinsoli the hard part is striking a balance between giving it showroom appeal and making it shoot well.Welcome to our teague chokes department - we offer over Teague chokes.

Each choke type is available in ten sizes. The Teague chokes are listed in alphabetical order to aid you in finding the correct product to suit your gun. We may charge a restocking fee for incorrectly ordered chokes - if you are unsure of your choke fitting, please contact us for further details, alternatively, this information should be available in the instruction manual for your gun.

Teague Chokes are the first choice for serious shots who require perfection in performance and consistency. All chokes are machined from high tensile stainless steel and are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery and inspected to exacting tolerances based, on the synchronized precise bore size of the gun and modern manufacturing techniques ISO This provides the renowned Teague Precision quality product. Teague Tapered Technology means that the taper to the choke is the full length of the tube which has proven advantages over lesser designs as the shot is smoothly constricted over a longer period.

Please remember to check product availability prior to your journey. McAvoy Guns. Contact us. With over Teague chokes to choose from, you are sure to find exactly the choke you require. Giving: Less recoil. Less deformed pellets. Greater pattern consistency. Greater maintained velocity. Teague Benelli Crio extended choke. Available in a choice of ten sizes 12 Gauge. More details. Add to cart. Teague Benelli Crio flush fit choke.

bettinsoli choke guide

Teague Benelli Crio ported choke. Teague Benelli supersport Extended choke. Teague Benelli supersport flush fit choke. Teague Benelli supersport ported choke. Available in a choice of ten sizes 12 Gauge Will also fit Steel proofed Bettinsoli shotguns. Teague Beretta 20G Extended choke. Teague Beretta 20G Flush fit choke. Teague Beretta 20G Super Extended choke. Teague Beretta Optima Extended choke. Teague Beretta Optima flush fit choke.

Teague Beretta Optima Plus Extended choke. Teague Beretta Optima Plus Flush fit choke. Teague Beretta Optima Plus Ported choke.What choke tube sets typically come with a field gun or competition gun and how can I tell what the constriction or choke of each tube is? Mobilchoke System. Introduced in the mid 's the Mobilchoke tube system was first available for the model SL over and under and later carried through virtually every model of fixed breech and semi-automatic shotgun.

The Mobilchoke system continues to be the mainstay of the series field grade over and under shotguns. The conical parallel design results in reduced shot deformation, improved pattern uniformity and increased pattern density. The following pertains specifically to 12 gauge Mobilchoke tubes. While the dimensions noted will vary for the Mobilchokes in 20 gauge28 gauge and.

The start of the threaded portion of the 12 gauge Mobilchoke tube is located a nominal In the year Beretta introduced the gauge Optima Bore barrel design into some of our competition shotguns. The start of the threaded portion of the Optima-Choke tube is located a nominal Optima-Choke Plus.

With the introduction of the model Xtrem a shotguns in the Optima barrel configuration was added into the gauge line of field shotguns. In order to handle a higher volume of steel shot shells used in field hunting, the Optima-Choke tube was revised and manufactured with a thicker wall size.

This revised choke tube was named the Optima-Choke Plus and featured the same Optima-Choke internal dimensions and performance but has a larger outside diameter and revised thread location. In the case of the Optima-Choke Plus part of the solution was to use a choke tube design offering a thicker choke tube wall to better resist these forces.

bettinsoli choke guide

The start of the threaded portion of the Optima-Choke-HP tube is located a nominal 40 mm 1. Use of Optima-Choke HP choke tubes in barrels designed for use with Optima-Choke Tubes may result in catastrophic damage to your barrel and personal injury or death to the shooter or persons in the immediate vicinity! Each of the above choke tube types is designed for use with a specific type barrel and as such features different thread locations and external measurements, none can be interchanged with the other Beretta choke types.

Within each of the three choke types we offer different variations of length and finish. The length variations available for each type is flush fit or extended choke tubes. Most field shotguns are equipped with flush chokes.

Sporting and skeet shotguns will be equipped with extended tubes. The Beretta factory may supply trap guns with either choke variation as determined. Within the extended choke variations we offer two finishes. Since the extended chokes are exposed past the shotgun muzzle we offer choke tubes with a black non-reflective finish for hunters. It should be mentioned that two other choke types saw a limited use. This type tube was dropped into the muzzle end of the barrel and secured by collar threaded onto the barrel muzzle.

This tube type is no longer available from Beretta.Shotgun choke can make all the difference to your shooting, so it's well worth following The Field's definitive guide.

Learn exactly what shotgun choke is, what it does, how it affects your shooting and which you should be using. Learn exactly what it is, which should be used for which gun and which quarry, how to measure it and, perhaps most crucially, when to stop tinkering. In an average cartridge there are approximately pellets, so how wide the shot pattern or how restricted is a matter than will make all the difference to your shooting.

There is no need to become neurotic about shotgun choke, even though some people do. What is most important is that regular misses in the field are rarely down to choke. The cause is far more likely to be the direction the barrels are pointing. Choke is one of those things, like gunfit, that should be visited occasionally and put out of mind once an informed decision has been reached concerning what best suits your needs. You should take your gun to a pattern plate or improvise one with paper or card sheets and a suitable frame and safe back-drop and shoot it at different ranges — 20yd, 30yd and 40yd — using the cartridge you prefer.

You hope to see an even pattern without too many clusters, gaps or excessive central concentration. If there are holes a bird could fly through — a 5in circle test is sometimes applied — or if the pattern is obviously too tight, your shotgun and its chokes may be working against you. Once you have tested with your usual ammunition, experiment with different cartridges. You might, for example, try to observe the terminal effects of switching between fibre and plastic wads the former often throw more open patterns or increasing pellet payload which may be an alternative to increasing choke.

If your gun has multi-chokes, try different tubes. The tools of the trade for measuring shotgun choke. Sportsmen develop strange prejudices concerning shotgun choke. My approach, and I happily admit to passing through the stage of confusion, is practical.

I have discovered what works for me in different situations and now stick with it. For general game-shooting, I like a bit of choke in the first barrel but not too much — it is the first few thou that makes the most obvious difference. A slightly choked barrel is much more efficient than a true cylinder and inspires confidence, too. Many and bore game guns are over-choked for their task.

Tight patterns may be a means to cleaner kills at longer range but they are an impediment at shorter distances because they demand more accuracy. If you are going out on the average driven day or walking-up, you do not need much choke in a bore. The first few thou does make a real difference; thereafter the law of diminishing returns takes effect.

Those who can see shot will confirm this. You can often observe what looks like a tennis ball-sized cluster of shot moving past the bird at short range.

The initial idea was to create a workhorse without regard to aesthetics that would be as forgiving to shoot as possible on normal days. It was based on an over-and-under because, though I love side-by sides, over-and-unders are usually easier to control and easier to point. The Beretta action is supremely reliable, moreover, and the Essential, though a budget gun, had livelier barrels than the average because it dispensed with side ribs.

The gun was a multi-choked model and this allowed for much experiment with shotgun chokes at the pattern plates and, later, in hides and on the shooting field.

After some months of experiment, I determined that I had the most consistent first-shot success with something called a Seminole spreader choke. This device is made in the USA. It might be described as a reverse choke: it has a section that extends from the muzzles and trumpets out to a greater size than the bore. The form of this section is conical. The concept of reverse constriction is not new. My experience would seem to confirm this; the Seminole choke still works on clay birds 50yd out, yet it is very forgiving close in.

They were not testing, but it really was quite difficult to miss with it. I have since lent it to friends in distress and they have always shot it better than other, more traditional weapons.

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