But there are no raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens at this joint. The Second World War has just ended, and things are tense inside and outside the home. The newcomer is Rachael Keira Knightleystill grieving over the loss of her son during the war. These German residents, relegated to the top floor of the home, have a habit of hanging around the British visitors. But this is a movie, and movie rules prevail, and when you put two super-hunky creatures like Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard on the same screen, you expect certain outcomes.

The film fails to psychologically prepare us for Rachael and Stefan abruptly unbuckling their costumes and getting busy on the nearest horizontal surface, but the casting makes it inevitable. As attractive a couple as these two make, director James Kent manages to muffle the passion. Some of that is pleasant, and I enjoyed the calmness of the storytelling, which wrings a little bogus suspense out of whether Stefan might have been a Nazi himself.

If the movie took time to build a world around them, perhaps the situation would have power beyond their heavy-breathing liaison. In the frigid north, Jennie Warmouth saw polar bears — and trash. It changed lunchtime at Spruce Elementary. She covers about 7 miles a day. The cheese is cut into thin slices instead of grated and melts on top of the chicken and sauce.

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BoxEverett, WA More contact information is here. Chicken Parmesan dish is an easy fix when you need a break The cheese is cut into thin slices instead of grated and melts on top of the chicken and sauce.Is this technique?

Art or craft? I had more fun with this than is probably wise. One of the very first images is a startling flyover of bombed-out Hamburg. The couple lost their young son during the London Blitz, and Rachael is brittle and hard on the outside, a blobby mess on the inside, and still angry at Lewis for saying what-ho and going back to work.

The couple is billeted in the palatial mansion of Stephen Lubert Skarsgarda rangy architect who was definitely truly very much not a Nazi and who is grieving over his wife, killed by Allied bombs. Stephen has a teenage daughter, Freda Flora Thiemannangry at the interlopers for relocating her and her father to the attic.

flora thiemann

She also has eyes for an angry but cute street youth Jannik Schumann who definitely truly very much is a Nazi. Ann Blyth for Freda. She knows she would, too. Throughout, Knightley gives this genteel silliness conviction, grace, heart, and nerve. Sarsgaard gives it smolder and sex appeal. Directed by James Kent. At Kendall Square, Coolidge Corner.

Keira Knightley lights up post-WWII love triangle, ‘The Aftermath’

In English and German, with subtitles. Ty Burr can be reached at ty. Email to a Friend. View Comments.Keep kids learning with daily schedules and activities. Go to Wide Open School. Skip to Content. Compassion and self-control are key to the story. On the other hand, implies that infidelity is a method of moving forward out of emotional pain.

Close-ups of men being shot, their wounds graphic and gushing in blood. A chaotic protest shows rough shoving; one character receives a head wound. Images of concentration victims during WWII, both alive and emaciated and lying dead in heaps. Conversations about acts of violence during the war. A gun is pointed at a Nazi perpetrator. A woman frequently wears negligees.

A married couple flirts and makes plans to have sex. A teen girl is aroused when she sees a teen boy shirtless; later, they kiss, and it's implied they've had sex. A cigarette case is a plot point. Drinking among adults is consistent but not excessive; it's used to socialize, to celebrate, and to anesthetize.

Set limits for violence and more with Plus.

flora thiemann

There are close-ups of men being shot, bloody wounds, concentration camp images, and more. Have your hankies ready: All of the central characters are grieving over the loss of loved ones due to the war. Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Join now.

The Aftermath

Add your rating See all 4 parent reviews. Add your rating. Clarke's Col.The film had its world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival on 26 February The Aftermath is set in postwar Germany in Rachael Morgan arrives in the ruins of Hamburg in the bitter German winter to be reunited with her husband Lewis Morgan, a colonel of British Forces Germany charged with rebuilding the shattered city and dealing with violent insurgent Werwolf activities.

The couple, whose relationship is tense due to their son Michael being killed during the Blitz by German bombing, will be staying in the requisitioned house of German architect Stephen Lubert and his teenage daughter Freda Lubert. Lewis decides to let Stephen and Freda stay in the house in the attic, a decision that Rachael is initially unhappy with because of her resentment toward Germans over Michael's death.

She is very rude to Stephen. Meanwhile, Freda connects with Bertie who is a young German deeply involved in the Werwolf movement. However, Rachael bonds with Stephen over shared grief: Stephen's wife was killed by Allied bombing. Rachael and Stephen begin having an affair. The situation is complicated by British Forces Germany suspecting Stephen of Werwolf involvement, though it is actually Freda's boyfriend Bertie who is involved.

Lewis eventually realizes Rachael and Stephen are having an affair when he hears of her advocating on Stephen's behalf. When Lewis confronts Rachael, she tells him that she is leaving him to be with Stephen. Bertie tries to assassinate Lewis but instead kills Lewis's chauffeur by mistake. Bertie attempts to escape through the woods but falls through ice to his death. Lewis tells Rachael to leave the next morning.

After Lewis admits his grief over Michael to Rachael, she hugs him. She accompanies Stephen and Freda to the train station but decides to stay with Lewis instead of leaving with Stephen. Principal photography began in Januaryin PragueCzech Republic. The website's critics consensus reads, "Tasteful to a fault, The Aftermath is worth seeking out only for the most passionate period drama enthusiasts.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved June 9, Glasgow Film Theatre. February 7, Retrieved February 17, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved June 8, Deadline Hollywood.By Brian D. Renner Oct. Friday, March 15, Limited. The Aftermath is set in postwar Germany in Rachael Morgan Keira Knightley arrives in the ruins of Hamburg in the bitter winter, to be reunited with her husband Lewis Jason Clarkea British colonel charged with rebuilding the shattered city.

In this charged atmosphere, enmity and grief give way to passion and betrayal. Buy Tickets.

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A look at the The Aftermath behind-the-scenes crew and production team. The film's writer Anna Waterhouse last wrote Seberg and Race. James Kent.

Anna Waterhouse Joe Shrapnel.

flora thiemann

Searchlight Pictures. Principal photography has wrapped, per Fox Searchlight. The film shot on location in Prague and Hamburg. Toggle navigation. Release Date: Friday, March 15, Limited. Drama Adaptation War. Will See Won't See Buy Tickets Seen the movie?

Rate It! Newest updates Mon. Director James Kent.

Screenwriters Anna Waterhouse Joe Shrapnel. Companies Searchlight Pictures. Production Company Scott Free Productions. Production Timeline: When did the The Aftermath come together? The Aftermath Release Date: When was it released? The Aftermath was released in on Friday, March 15, in limited movie theaters.

Get the latest on upcoming movies before everyone else!Skip navigation! Story from Movie Reviews. Anne Cohen. Only a handful of movie sex scenes feel like they were written specifically for women, but the library scene from Atonement is undeniably one of them.

The mere mention of it elicits gasps of recognition by women of all ages, followed by a rundown of the distinguishing elements: The green dress! The crackling chemistry! Forbidden love!

Flora Thiemann

The two films have much in common. But, however thrillingly familiar, such been-there, done-that moments have the downside of reminding us that this is reheated material lacking the emotional impact of the original. The Allies have won the war, and the country has been parceled out, with France, the Soviet Union and Britain each occupying certain zones. Having lost a son during the London Blitz, she has born the brunt of suffering as a victim of German aggression.

The question here is: do they deserve it? Still, the film lacks the moral ambiguity that would make such a romance compelling. Knightley gives an assured performance — this kind of stuff is her bread and butterafter all. I could watch her wear lovely clothes and brood in front of a fire for many hours.

Actually, I have. She deftly conveys the turmoil of a woman who is desperately trying to find her way back from a dark place, but is also reluctant to let go of her last connection to her son. She used to be fun; she used to laugh — is it a betrayal if she does so now?

The romance with Stefan, steamy though it is, is unnecessary baggage, a sexy distraction from a quietly devastating story about a marriage gutted by loss and estrangement.

Like post-war Germany itself, the two must grapple how and if they want to move forward from a difficult past and into an uncertain future.

flora thiemann

The sci-fi story is still slated to hit theat. Over the last decade, the demographics in Hollywood have shifted, thanks to an overwhelming push for better on-screen representation by actors and the audi. Original article published below on February This summer. Shailene Woodley has been doing a lot of thinking about what she wants in life. She may be currently self-isolating at home, but it was her role in her mos. Christine Ko barely speaks in Tigertail, premiering on Netflix on April But her silences feel like screams.

As Angela, Ko spends most of the movi. Netflix has become the place for teen romance.

Filmfest München 2017 - Flora Li Thiemann & Emily Kusche

Welcome to R29MovieClub. ET, R29 is hosting a live rewatch of a beloved wo.Passion leads to deceit. Coming to additional cities Friday. Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. Log In. There are many things that can put a strain on a relationship. While it may be able to endure one stressor, more than that can cause irreparable damage and forcibly sever even the strongest bond. Examples of these burdens include death, war, distance, betrayal and blame — any one of which can create a rift that is widened with each additional problem.

The Aftermath takes place following several devastating events, the most significant being World War II. Latest News Top News. Struggle, fear and heartbreak for medical staff on virus frontline. A long Texas road trip formasks. Virus hit 'like a bomb' as toll rises in Ecuador's business capital.

Ultrasonic touch free solutions to stop the spread of coronavirus. Corporate Contact Us. DX Journal. DX Institute. After the Allied victory, British Col. After spending months, if not years, apart, his wife, Rachael Keira Knightleycomes to join him from London. Tensions are high all-around. Stephen does his best to play ball for fear of the repercussions, though his daughter is less eager to hide her bitterness. But hate can turn to love and eventually Stephen and Rachael find they have more in common than they thought.

The title has several meanings in the context of the film. The obvious one is dealing with the outcome of the war.

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